今年夏天,我有机会访问华盛顿.C. 和一个朋友一起,把史密森尼博物馆从我的“参观”名单上划掉. As my friend and I searched the hundreds of tribal flags hanging from the ceiling hoping to find his tribe (apparently the Cree tribes are more well-known in Canada), I couldn’t help but think of the ways that tribes across North America contributed to the history of the nations we call home. 与原住民的互动帮助早期美国的发展.S. 外交政策, and activism from indigenous peoples today remind us how important issues like climate change and human rights are to everyone around the world. I’ve gathered some of my favorite resources to spotlighting the history and 文化 of the indigenous peoples who call “Turtle Island” home during Native American Heritage month and throughout the year.



The 大辛辛那提印第安人联盟 exists to preserve and represent the 文化 and heritage of Native American, 土著, and First Nations people; to provide 教育, 宣传, and support on contemporary 土著 issues and cultivate 知识 about Native American history in local and regional communities.


中心, 位于学术环境中的俄克拉何马州迈阿密部落倡议, 满足米亚人民的需要, 迈阿密大学, 通过研究和伙伴社区, 教育, 以及推广米亚语的活动, 文化, 知识, 和价值观.


  1. To conduct in-depth research to assist tribal 教育al initiatives aimed at the preservation of language and 文化. This research is used to create a wide range of 教育al models and materials for community language and cultural programs.
  2. To expose undergraduate and graduate students at 迈阿密大学 to tribal efforts in language and cultural revitalization. 学生通过广泛的活动获得经验, 包括访问俄克拉荷马州, 直接参与研究项目, 中心工作人员的课堂访问, 以及迈阿密部落的语言和文化资源.




bt365体育平台遗址:因其历史和遗产而闻名, 这个2,017-acre hilltop park also boasts nature trails with breathtaking views of the river valley below. 肖尼了望 is well known for its historical Springhouse School and Log Cabin and Native American archaeological earthworks. 公园的自然步道,包括1.3英里,蓝夹克,2.0英里的小乌龟和1.4-mile Miami Fort trail, offer spectacular views of the Ohio River and Great Miami River valleys. 4.3 miles of former golf cart paths are also open for everyone to bike, hike, roll or stroll. 公园还设有野餐区、游乐场和通往大迈阿密河的船只. 它目前由汉密尔顿县的大公园管理. 


About the Site: The breathtaking view of the Ohio River Valley from Breezy Point Pavilion makes this 1,占地70英亩的公园特别值得一游. 它目前由汉密尔顿县的大公园管理. 



About the Site: 蛇丘 is an internationally known National Historic Landmark built by the ancient American Indian 文化s of Ohio. It is an effigy mound (a mound in the shape of an animal) representing a snake with a curled tail. 附近有三个土墩,其中两个是由Adena文化(公元800年)创造的.C.–A.D. 100),一个由古堡文化(A.D. 1000–1650). 目前由俄亥俄历史bt365平台管理. 

堡古代土方工程 & 自然保护区,——Oregonia哦

About the Site: Explore North America’s largest ancient hilltop enclosure, built 2,000 years ago. 国家历史地标, 该遗址被认为是一个社会和礼仪聚会的场所. 体验现场博物馆和礼品店(会员9折), 重建了美国印第安花园和三英里的徒步小径,可以俯瞰风景.






bt365体育平台这个项目:这个合作项目, multi-faceted workshop is geared toward 4-8th grade teachers who are committed to applying newfound 知识 and perspectives to multi-disciplinary classroom curricula. 方法、材料和资源也可针对其他等级进行修改.本土视角:课堂的新视角 will provide educators with background on Native American Peoples and offer tribal-specific presentations including Miami (Myaamia) and Muscogee Nation history and worldview. Teachers will be provided culturally appropriate lessons and resources to promote inclusive learning environments for their students and develop critical reviewing skills that can be applied to a wide range of resources and textbooks. Participants are encouraged to bring lessons they are challenged with to adapt and develop with staff. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping teachers recognize the impacts of historical events and support 土著 narratives while fostering community with attendees.




This initiative of the Cincinnati Public Library and the 大辛辛那提印第安人联盟 provides a list of books for readers of all levels. 


These lessons allow students to respond to current events and connect the past to the present. 请提前预习文章,因为有些话题在情感上比较难. 

  1. 土著寄宿学校被遗忘的历史 (2021年11月)
  2. 感恩节的神话今年更深入了 (2020年11月)
  3. 占领恶魔岛:现代美国原住民的激进主义 (2019年10月)
  4. 随着土著语言的急剧减少,夏令营带来了希望 (2019年4月)


这张交互式地图显示了世界各地土著家园的粗略边界. Be sure to check out the Teacher’s Guide for more resources and ways to implement the site into your classroom. 

美国原住民传统月 (PBS)


全国印第安人传统月 (国会图书馆)

This site archives events and resources from around the United States that honor 美国原住民传统月. 

美国原住民传统月 (NPS)

国家公园管理局提供了大量bt365体育平台美国部落的资源, 包括视频, 文章, 以及bt365体育平台国家公园和历史遗迹的信息. 

11月是美国土著传统月 为正义(学习)

This page hosts webinars, 文章, and lessons related to indigenous issues in the United States. 

不再有被偷的姐妹 (国际特赦组织)

This site outlines a human rights response to discrimination and violence against 土著 women in Canada. The United States observes Red Shawl Day on November 19th to draw attention to the horrible acts of violence committed against American Indian and Alaska Native people, 尤其是妇女和儿童. 

联合国的土著人民 (UN)

本网站概述了土著人民在联合国的代表方式, 包括2007年《bt365体育平台》, 2014年世界土著人民大会, 和更多的. 

基本理解|本土知识360° (史密森尼美国印第安人博物馆) 

Building on the ten themes of the National Council for the Social Studies’ national curriculum standards, the NMAI’s Essential Understandings reveal key concepts about the rich and diverse 文化s, 历史, 以及土著人民的当代生活. These concepts reflect a multitude of untold stories about American Indians that can deepen and expand your teaching of history, 地理位置, 公民, 经济学, 科学, 工程, 及其他学科范畴.